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What is crowdtesting?**

Crowdsourced testing helps organizations to test software, apps, websites before releasing them publicly. Organizations can harness the power of public testers to assess and refine, to greatly improve the quality before release. Also, they can hear the real voice of the public.

Crowdtesting for all*

Crowdsourced testing is a very important tool for startups and smaller organizations. It can greatly lower the burden of developers that smaller organizations are encountering because of their limited resources. Also, crowdsourced testing can provide many more testers and devices allowing more complete tests for those organizations.

The advantage of crowdtesting

Usually, applications and websites are tested by developers, and very often issues found are technical and not the ones ordinary users will find. Crowdsourced testing can provide a fresh and objective eye with real world opinion. This improves the quality greatly.

Updated on: 17/11/2022