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8 - Choose your rewards

In this menu you plan and set up the rewards you give to testers. It is composed of 4 sections which are :

A. Frequency and timing of the test

B. Tester's reward for participating in the test

C. Bonus problem identified

D. Reward for reproducing a problem

NB: these four sections are mandatory

A. Test frequency and schedule

This section consists of two schedules:

A1 - Tester selection phase: You must select the date on which invitations are sent out and choose the length of time testers can apply to take part in your test. The duration of this selection is set at a minimum of 72 hours.

NB : You can, if you wish, launch and complete the testers' recruitment phase before the pre-selected dates, once the setting up of your "project" has been completed.

A2 - Testing phase: You must select the date for the start of testing, once you have validated the selection of testers. This will open a period during which testers will be able to carry out the tests you have defined.

NB : *You can, if you wish, start the testing phase early by completing the selection of testers.

B. Tester's reward for participating in the test

This is where you indicate the amount of reward you will give to testers once their test reports have been validated. The amount is important because it will be the main driver of success for the participation rate of testers, which will allow you to have a wider choice of testers to validate according to your expectations.

C. Bonus problem identified

This is a very powerful feature that encourages testers to report problems they may encounter during the testing phase that you had not yet considered. The reward is given only after you have validated the tester's "bug" report.

This bonus is an incentive for the testers to concentrate more.

D. Reward for reproducing a problem

In the case of an identity problem, you can ask the already selected community of testers to confirm that the problem is not isolated by asking them to repeat the problem. A reward that you give to the tester is associated with this reproduction. You can limit the number of times you consider sufficient to reproduce the problem encountered.

NB: Although menus B and C are compulsory, you can leave the amount of the rewards at 0€.

Updated on: 14/11/2022