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4 - Project

What is a project?

A project is a collection of information necessary for the development of a test or several tests, the main phases of which are

- General information about the test
- Selection of the equipment needed for the test
- Selection of the testers' profiles required for the test
- Possible additional questions for the selection of testers
- Design of the test
- Test planning and rewards for testers
- Summary of the test and its estimated costs
- Payment for the test

The test settings are made in the "launch test" menu. In this section you can create and monitor your different projects. Each project is identified by a "name" that you define when you create it.

It is of course possible for a project to contain only one "test".

Under the same "project" you can, for example, combine the testing of an application or a website in French and the testing in English. However, the two tests must be set up separately

The first elements to set up, after creating the project name, are :

A -The nature of the test

A test can be of different types depending on your needs:


A test will allow you to set up all the information that is necessary for its successful completion with our community of testers.

For example, you can test a website, an application, a software feature, create a survey...

B - Test access information

This is where you give testers access to the interface, website, application download link, document, etc., as part of the test.

C - The test language

Currently five languages are available: French, English, Italian, Spanish and German

NB: to combine two tests under the same project, do not forget to select the project in phase 1 in the drop-down menu

Updated on: 14/11/2022