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9 - Summary and estimation

This menu is a summary of the test settings you have defined for your project, which includes the following information. You can see the details by clicking on the arrow to the right of each item.

A. General information

- Project name
- Test name
- Type of test
- Access information
- Language of the test
- General information
- Remarks
- Out of field

B. Design of the test

- Age range
- Geography
- Language
- Gender
- Minimum level of tester (belt)
- Number of testers needed

C. Test Scenarios

- Summary of test blocks
- Summary of test questions
- Estimated testing time

D. Test Schedule and Rewards

- Test Reward
- Issue reward
- Reproduction reward
- Selection start date
- Selection end date
- Testing start date
- Testing end date

E. Estimation

Depending on the number of testers required, your subscription, and the amount of the incentives, an estimate of the cost for your project is automatically calculated. By clicking on "proceed to payment" your test will then be validated and invitations sent to testers.

You will find below the details of the different elements that allow the estimation of the cost of your project:

- Use of the platform according to your "subscription".
- Rewards for testers
- Transaction fees
- Subtotal
- Total

Updated on: 14/11/2022