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Short for Application. This refers to little programs and additional functions for smartphones and tablet/slate computers, and it includes web pages because many of modern web services are web apps.

Software program, that can read, download, save and display documents on the World Wide Web. Common browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari.

Technical error, fault in the programming.

Saving and keeping files online on servers instead of your computer at home or an external device, making data available to you 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Users of platforms, portals, discussion boards and social networks, that meet online. In Actiyon, we most of the time, we refer tester community as community.

Working on tasks by using the knowledge and experience of the global online community (collective/swarm intelligence).

Testing software (e.g. apps and web services) by using the knowledge and experience of the global online community (collective/swarm intelligence).

In Actiyon, dashboard is available for individual tester and client, where one can have an overview of the most important information.

Any problem that has been identified and it includes bug, errors, or fault in the application

Issue Approval
Issues that one tester found are verified on the devices/systems of other testers. This way we can see if the issue appear in general or only on specific system constellations

User Interface: The part of software that is visible to the common user.

User-friendliness, usefulness for fulfilling the wants of a user.

User Experience: The sum of all impressions/opinions a person has when using a product/service.

Updated on: 18/11/2022