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What is my Operating system (OS)?

Desktop devices

Microsoft Windows
Try key combinations such as:

Windows Button and Pause Button OR
Windows Button and R. In the window that opens, type “msinfo32”

Apple Mac OS
*Click on the black Apple symbol and then “About This Mac”.

Mobile devices

Depending on your individual device and Android version, this can vary a lot. Here’s an example on how to find it on a Samsung Galaxy S 4:
Open “Settings”
Tap on "Options" tab
Scroll down to device information
Look for the information under “Android Version”
Most likely, the steps are similar on your phone/tablet. In any case, look for areas such as: Settings, Options, About Phone, Software Info…

Different versions may vary a bit. Here is how it works on iOS 8.2:
Open “Settings”
Press “General”
Press “About”
Look for the information under “Version”

Updated on: 18/11/2022