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How do I choose my testers?

A - Brief description of the test for inviting testers: This section (mandatory) allows you to explain to testers the objective of the test simply and concisely when inviting them.

B - Choose your testers

TOTAL TESTERS: This first piece of information concerns the number of available testers which meet the initial criteria related to their equipment.

YOUR SELECTION: This second piece of information will be automatically updated based on the criteria you will select from the drop-down menus below.

Quick Selection: This first menu allows you to select profiles quickly.

The first criterion of this selection (mandatory) is the minimum belt level of the testers you wish to have, which corresponds to the testers' level of skills and experience.

The four other criteria (Age group, Country of residence, Language, and Gender) are "optional"; if none are selected, the platform considers all testers eligible to apply for the test.

For a more precise selection of testers based on your needs, you can indicate your preferences by opening the following menus.

Updated on: 26/01/2023