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How do I add or update my device?

Adding a new device

You can add your testing devices on this page:#######

Here's an example how you would add your smartphone:

On the "Devices" page, click "Add Smartphone".
In the alphabetical list of manufacturers, find "Samsung", then your model, for example "S7 edge".
Under "OS Version" choose your operating system version, e.g. "Android 6.0.1".
Make sure you also choose at least one browser from the list. If you are using more than one browser, click "Add Browser"
All the other fields (Antivirus, Network Provider,...) are not required. If you are unsure, you can skip them for now, but if you add them, you'll have better chances for future tests.

PCs, tablets and other device types can be added similarly through the above mentioned "Devices" page.

Updating a device

On the above mentioned "Devices" page, click "Update" next to the listing of your device.
Change the information where applicable.

Updated on: 18/11/2022