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Actiyon in few words

Who are we?

Actiyon is a French startup that develops a crowdsourced testing marketplace for startups, companies and organisations. Our goal is to connect companies to our community of qualified testers in order to improve the quality, performance and usability of all their applications and/or websites.

Our testers

All our testers are qualified according to different criteria such as country, language and skill level. In addition, our testers are trained in testing to provide you with clear and professional feedback on the projects you wish to test.

In addition, a belt system, similar to that of martial arts (Judo, Karate, etc.), is applied to our testers in order to validate their skills through the courses and tests carried out; this goes from white belt (beginner) to black belt (expert).

Why choose Actiyon?

A particularly cost-effective solution

Your teams, especially the valuable development resources, can save the many hours spent testing your digital products. Moreover, you can choose the pricing plan that best suits your budget and avoid the traditional and expensive services offered by service or consulting companies thanks to our platform.

A simple, fast and self-managed platform

You manage your campaigns independently by defining your needs and deadlines and by freely choosing the testers you want. Thanks to our platform, you can quickly launch your campaign and receive feedback from our testers to improve your processes as quickly as possible.

Updated on: 26/12/2022