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7 - Design a test

This is where the design of your test project will take place, with the information that is made available to the testers and the flow of the test in the form of questions and answers.

There are two main menus to complete:

Test scenarios

1. Description

This menu is divided into 3 parts:

A - Add general information : This block is mandatory, and allows you to specify to the testers your expectations and recommendations before the tester starts the test.

B - Remarks : The information in this block is additional information that you wish to make available to the tester in the online test summary, before the tester submits their application to your test. The clearer and more precise they are, the more likely they are to encourage the test-taker to apply for the test.

C - Out of Scope: This block is compulsory, it allows you to give all the indications and elements that are not part of the scope of the test so that test-takers can concentrate on what is required during the test.

For more details before setting up the test questions you can add one or more test descriptions.

2. Test Scenarios

Test cases are composed of one or more test blocks. These test blocks are then composed of questions that are asked to testers during the test.

To create your first "Test Scenario" block you need to click on the "+ Add scenario block" button. A new block opens below.

First, name your test block with a short and explicit name for the testers (mandatory)
Estimate how much time the tester needs to answer all the questions in this first block (required)
Provide instructions to the testers for answering the questions related to this scenario block
Write the first question to the tester. You can make the question mandatory by clicking on "answer required".
5. Three types of answers are then possible from the tester
A free answer: the tester writes the answer
A list of answers that you have defined with the possibility of a single answer (radio button)
A list of answers you have defined with the possibility of several answers (checkboxes)
Once you have written the first question you can save it and add a new question in this first block
You can then create a second scenario block with a new set of questions

Updated on: 14/11/2022