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12 - Validation of reports / Rewards for testers

At the end of the test period, a test report is written by each tester who answers the test questions. Upon receipt, you have the opportunity to validate or not these reports.
Depending on this validation, bonuses will be awarded to the testers or not.
Two types of reports can be written by testers:

1 - The test report, which falls within the initial framework of the project

2 - The issue report(s)

1 - The test report.
Once the report has been completed by the tester, it is submitted for validation. To access it, go to the project concerned (projects menu) and to the "testing" submenu.

The reports are all in this section with different statuses. Those to be validated, or rejected, have a "pending" status. Click on the arrow. This opens a new window with all the test questions.
There are two options:

To approve all the questions in the test click on "approve all".
You can also approve or reject each question by clicking on "action" next to each question. Please note: if only one question is "rejected", the whole test will be rejected and the tester will not receive the test bonus.

Updated on: 14/11/2022