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10 - Recruitment and validation of testers

Once your project is launched, invitations to our community of testers are sent automatically.
The recruitment period is the one you have set in the "Planning & Rewards" section]

During this period you must start validating or rejecting testers whose profile has been pre-selected to participate in the test.

To do this, go to the "Projects" menu in your customer area.
Click on the project/test for which you wish to make your selection
Click on the name of the test
In the menu choose the "Selection" option
At the bottom of the page you have the "user" name of the testers who have been invited and two options are shown

Pending: the tester has not yet responded to the invitation

Applied: the tester has wished to participate in the test and there are two options in the column to the right of the status
To validate tester's application click on "Select"

NB 1: The number of points and the belt level of the testers are indicated as information before your selection. This allows you to refine your test results by selecting testers of different levels.

NB 2: If you do not wish to wait for the start date of the recruitment phase you can start it in advance. To do this, you must do the following

Go to the "projects" menu.
Select the project for which you want to start recruitment now.
Click on the name of the test
Click on the button "Click to start the selection phase".
Confirm your choice by clicking on "Start selection phase" in the pop-up that opens.
Back on the page, the button changes its name to "Click to finalise tester selection".

From this point onwards, testers who have received the invitation can apply to participate in the test

Updated on: 25/11/2022